Vegetable Miso Soup               $7.99

Served with wild mushrooms, baby bok choy, matchstick carrots, celery, tofu and soba noodles.

Tosa-zu Greens                        $8.99

Mix greens dressed with a Tosa-zu vinaigrette garnished with bell pepper, cucumber, wild mushrooms, matchstick carrots, crispy noodles and goji berry reduction.

Takoyaki                                  $8.99

Mini buckwheat pancakes stuffed with octopus and garnished with unagi and wasabi aioli.

Spring Rolls                             Vegetable - $7.99   Crab - $9.99   Duck Confit - $11.99

Four spring rolls, rolled with premium ingredients, served with a side od sweet Thai chili sauce.

Dumpling Bowl                       $7.99

A bowl of fried dumplings tossed with chow mien and topped with unagi and green onions.

Jumbo Chicken Wings            1lb - $10.99   2lb - 17.99

Dredged in our famous blend of seasonings and tossed in your choice of house sauces. Served with carrots and celery sticks and a creamy blue cheese sauce.
Whisky BBQ          Honey Garlic          Teriaki          Hot          Lemon Pepper          Plain

Popcorn Shrimp                      $12.99

Tempura battered black tiger shrimp served on a bed of lettuce with a side of lemon garlic aioli and sweet Thai chili sauce.