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Fruit Juices                      $3.00

- Apple  - Orange  - Cranberry  - Pineapple

Lemonade                       $3.50

Bottled Water                  $2.50

San Pellegrino                $3.50

Soft Drinks                      $3.00

- Pepsi  - Diet Pepsi  - 7up  - Ginger Ale

Coffee                            $2.25

Tea                                 $2.25

Red Bull                         $5.00

Clamato                         $3.00

Shirley Temple               $3.50

Virgin Caesar                 $3.50

Virgin Pina Colada         $5.00






Vegetable Miso Soup               $7.99

Served with wild mushrooms, baby bok choy, matchstick carrots, celery, tofu and soba noodles.

Tosa-zu Greens                        $8.99

Mix greens dressed with a Tosa-zu vinaigrette garnished with bell pepper, cucumber, wild mushrooms, matchstick carrots, crispy noodles and goji berry reduction.

Takoyaki                                  $8.99

Mini buckwheat pancakes stuffed with octopus and garnished with unagi and wasabi aioli.

Spring Rolls                             Vegetable - $7.99   Crab - $9.99   Duck Confit - $11.99

Four spring rolls, rolled with premium ingredients, served with a side od sweet Thai chili sauce.

Dumpling Bowl                       $7.99

A bowl of fried dumplings tossed with chow mien and topped with unagi and green onions.

Jumbo Chicken Wings            1lb - $10.99   2lb - 17.99

Dredged in our famous blend of seasonings and tossed in your choice of house sauces. Served with carrots and celery sticks and a creamy blue cheese sauce.
Whisky BBQ          Honey Garlic          Teriaki          Hot          Lemon Pepper          Plain

Popcorn Shrimp                      $12.99

Tempura battered black tiger shrimp served on a bed of lettuce with a side of lemon garlic aioli and sweet Thai chili sauce.


Noodle Bar

Noodle Bar

- $14.99 -

Choose Noodle

- Chow Mien  -  Udon  -  Soba  -  Basmati Rice

Choose Proteins

-  Tempura Shrimp  -  Togarashi Chicken  -  Chili Garlic Pork Tenderloin  -  Yakitori Salmon  -  Teriaki Tofu  -  Bulgogi Beef

Choose Vegetable Blend

-  Mushroom & Onion Mix  -  Pepper Mix  -  Grilled Vegetable Mix 


Banh Mi Bar

Banh Mi Bar

Add Bacon - $3.00     Cheese - $2.00     Sauteed Mushrooms - $2.00

Togarishi Chicken                    $14.99

Our famous fried chicken topped with onions, daikon radish, carrots and pickled cucumber.

Teriyaki Beef Meatballs           $14.99 

House made meatballs glazed in house teriyaki served with onions daikon radish, carrots and pickled cucumber.

Tempura Shrimp                      $14.99

Crispy Tempura shrimps topped with onions daikon radish, carrots and pickled cucumber.

Crispy Tofu                              $14.99

Crispy tofu topped with onions daikon radish, carrots and pickled cucumber.

Bulgogi Beef Melt                   $14.99

Bulgogi marinated prime rib sautéed with onions and bell peppers and topped with Havarti

Topped with your choice of any two sauces:

Siracha Aioli    Garlic Aioli    Sweet Thai Chilli    Yakitori Sauce    Unagi Sauce    Chilli Buttermilk Ranch    Wasabi Aioli

Snacks / Desserts

Snacks / Desserts


Edamame             $3.99 

Kimchi                  $3.99

Dumplings           $4.99

Crudite                $3.50

Fries                    $5.99

Garden Salad     $5.99



Peaches and Cream             $8.99

Summer's best peaches preserved and served with vanilla creme anglaise, sponge cake, niagara ice wine reduction.

Apple Pie Spring Rolls         $8.99

Served with warmed Nutella and garnished with Chinese 5 spice